Dairy Crest extends SilkThread® use

Labyrinth is delighted to announce that one of our first clients, Dairy Crest, has upgraded from its original 2 depot trial to 5 live depots.

Jane Burkitt, Logistics & Customer Operations Director, Dairy Crest, said:

“SilkThread® gives us excellent visibility of our multi-depot country-wide operation which we are using to augment and support our existing site audits. The fact that the depots upload their own evidence reduces travelling time for auditors. The remote audit functionality and Knowledge Bank documents are invaluable”.

Dairy Crest joins the growing list of customers who have been delighted with the new transport compliance web application. Alan Firmin Ltd, a Kent-based haulier, were amongst the first to sign up, along with Acumen Logistics, John Raymond Transport and Squab Group.

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Labyrinth launches SilkThread® Consultants’ Forum

Labyrinth is calling on transport consultants to join our Consultants’ Forum, which offers a number of significant benefits to those who help the transport sector comply with the Undertakings of the Operators’ Licence. Benefits include 1 day’s training and membership of the forum, with access to like-minded professionals to cover holidays and sickness.

For more information and to see if you qualify please email officeadministrator@labyrinthsolutions.co.uk

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Labyrinth launches SilkThread®

A new online service has been launched which is already helping logistics firms of all sizes stay on top of their compliance paperwork.

SilkThread® aims to help fleets navigate the compliance maze, helping them achieve and maintain their Operator's Licences.

The specially-developed web application, almost a year in development, allows auditing, evidence upload and compliance visibility across multiple depots of all aspects of transport management.

It can be used by both Standard and Restricted licence holders and contains a detailed knowledge bank of guidance documents, paperwork templates and calendar based alerts.

Support and training by transport industry insiders is also offered to users to give them an easy introduction to the system.

SilkThread® is the brainchild of transport compliance experts Labyrinth Logistics Consulting. Labyrinth managing director, Ruth Waring FCILT, said: "The reaction so far has been phenomenal.

“We have had input from operators of all shapes and sizes throughout the development process, and the result is a simple yet hugely important tool that is already making compliance much easier for a number of companies.

"We are pricing the software competitively to ensure we reach the full range of potential users, from small hauliers to companies running a large own account fleet."

Geraint Davies, fleet manager John Raymond Transport, who helped trial the software, said: "SilkThread® is a ground-breaking compliance tool which will give operators absolute confidence in their legal obligations by checking their current compliance status using the SilkThread® system, and providing suitable evidence of the same along the way.

"It saves operators valuable time by removing the burden of a traditional format audit by providing an audit within the software which can be completed at leisure."

The system takes its name from the Greek myth of Theseus, who was given a ball of silk thread to help him navigate his way out of maze after his victorious battle with the Minotaur. SilkThread®, therefore, is a navigation tool for those travelling through a complex environment.


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