How to munch your way through your massive business card backlog for £1.49

Have you, like me, got an embarrassment of business cards following attendance at networking meetings? I had eighteen month's worth sitting in a snowdrift next to my pc. Other contacts have talked of their drawers of shame, where cards get shoved  in and forgotten. If you love spending hours entering all these contacts onto your cRM database, you may not want to read on. But if you don't,  then your life is about to be transformed.

You will need an iPad or an iPod. Sadly the app you need doesn't yet exist on blackberry. Download the free app called cardmunch.  This is a fantastic app which has two separate functions, firstly it enables you to take a photo of your business cards, submits them and it translates the information into electronic format. This may take a few hours of waiting for them to be uploaded.  then, if you want to, you can send a connection request to the person via LinkedIn. Cardmunch is actually a LinkedIn app. So you can send a connection request, but you don't have to. The beauty if the app is that the data is stored on your iPad or iPod with a picture of the original card so your memory re the actual person you met can be jogged. You can also flip through the cards as if they were in a wallet. You then tick each  contact and upload the data to your ipad or iphone contacts. The app also it is your scribbles on a card and can still read it.

So you're thinking at that is clever but contacts on your mobile device don't facilitate export to your CRM system. Well here is the really clever bit. You then download an app called My Contacts Backup which costs £1.49. I worked this out all by myself! You can export the cardmunch contacts to a .csv or .xls file. This is a one click link creates an emails me spreadsheet. Then you send an email to yourself and reformat the columns to map the data fields into your CRM system.

Clever huh? Well I cleared my 200 card backlog and it only took me an hour in total.

Ruth Waring FCILT

Labyrinth Logistics Consulting Ltd

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