DVSA Earned recognition is coming in early 2017. What is it and how does it affect your business?

DVSA Earned Recognition is coming in early 2017. What is it and how does it affect your business?

The DVSA has clarified aspects of their future plans for Earned Recognition and Remote Enforcement schemes. The concept, which they have just announced will be available for operators to join in early 2017, is based on the idea that the best operators should not be subject to the same level of intervention as those who do not comply, and as a result the DVSA have developed an approach which will enable them to targets their resources more effectively, as follows:




Users of SilkThread ® are likely to fall into the group of companies who wish to avoid roadside enforcement, and now – in addition to keeping the OCRS scores in the green band – they can do more to demonstrate to the DVSA that they are compliant or exemplar.

As Anton Balkitis from Rothera Sharp explains: “Aside from Earned Recognition, the first tier of enforcement, there will be a shift, for most compliant Operators, away from roadside checks. For the second tier, there will be a central team in Bristol, referred to as the Remote Enforcement Office, who will make requests for an Operator’s documents, and then complete an audit of these documents remotely. DVSA suggest that there will be a supportive ‘nudge system’ to guide Operators toward better working practices rather than swooping in on infrequent minor misdemeanours on every occasion”. http://www.keepmeontheroad.co.uk/the-dvsa-earned-recognition-scheme/


The DVSA completed a Blind Trial in October 2015 to develop the earned recognition concept; 150 operator licenses have undergone pre-audit checks and 10 trial assessment visits have been carried out at operator premises. Pre-audit criteria has been developed and the assessment scope and standards have been developed.


The DVSA is also in the process of developing KPIs (Key Performance Indictors) for operators which will form the permissible boundaries of exemplary operation. This will include, for example, percentage failures on MOTs and driver infringements before an operator is investigated. These have yet to be made public.


How will Earned Recognition work in practice?


The DVSA will require electronic access to operator’s system and access to tachograph analysis and maintenance documentation; they are also exploring how vehicle telematics can be utilised in the future. All this information will feed into a dashboard and they will be able to see this. Maintenance records can be captured by fully electronic maintenance systems as well as fully manual, part manual & part electronic – and access can be done remotely even if documents are scanned in. For a fully electronic system where all details are captured the DVSA expectation is an audit password giving them access to the data but not allowing any editing rights. The accessible information should include:


  • Safety Inspection records
  • Safety Inspection frequency monitoring
  • Walk around checks
  • Driver Defect Reporting & action taken
  • Electronic forward planning
  • Tachograph calibration dates
  • MOT pass rates


The DVSA will then monitor performance based on this data and – as long as the operator works within certain parameters, there should not be any need for the DVSA to intervene in their operations.

Who can apply?


The DVSA is currently suggesting the following criteria for companies wishing to apply for Earned Recognition:

  • Established operator (minimum of 2 years) with good compliance history
  • Electronic transport management systems, allowing DVSA remote access.
  • Annual test final pass rate at least 95% (under consultation)
  • Drivers hours infringement KPIs (under consultation)
  • No TC regulatory action for at least 2 years (under cons

Companies will also sign up to terms and conditions and be subject to ongoing review of their suitability.

SilkThread plans

We are currently planning to adapt SilkThread so that it can be compatible with the DVSA’s requirements relating to the dashboards. For those companies who will be part of the Remote Enforcement scheme having SilkThread will definitely be instrumental in demonstrating remote compliance.

 Questions on this scheme can be addressed directly to the DVSA by emailing remote.compliance@vosa.gsi.giv.uk

 To watch an online demo of SilkThread go to www.silkthread.co.uk/demo


Labyrinth Director asked to chair CILT Forum

The CILT’s Outsourcing & Procurement Forum has been ably led for many years by Gwynne Richards, who among many his many other hats, is a former associate consultant of Labyrinth’s. Jo has been on the forum’s committee for several years and has organised two highly successful events on procurement for Gwynne. She and Jeremy Allardyce from Heathrow were in action running an Effective Procurement workshop fr the Northamptonshire branch of the CILT in June. Jo has now taken over the Chairmanship of this forum. Her priorities for the next 12 months are:

- Strengthening the committee and bringing in some new active committee members

- Building links with universities and research departments

- Building links with CIPS to bring new people to forum events

- Use events and articles to raise awareness of procurement and outsourcing within the logistics community

Jo is keen to hear from anyone who would like to get involved or has ideas for topics for seminars or research. Contact her on jogodsmark@labyrinthsolutions.co.uk

Labyrinth welcome two new Associates

Steve Ellis Labyrinth is delighted to announce the arrival of two new Associates. Steve Ellis is the latest member of the Safety and Compliance team and Martin Hiden is joining us as Safety Advisor.

Steve, the former Head of Training at the RHA, has been involved in the Logistics industry for 35 years. He worked in a variety of operational roles before joining the RHA in 1999, where he was instrumental in the development of RHA Training. Steve’s long list of qualifications include National and International CPCs, NEBOSH General Certificate and PTTLS. In addition, he is a Chartered Member of the Institute of Logistics.

Steve says of the role, “I am delighted to join the Labyrinth team as an Associate, and have already enjoyed getting my teeth into some challenging audits.”


Martin Hiden

Martin joins the company following a collaboration with Intex Projects Limited and will be specialising in the construction sector as well as providing Driver CPC training and safety auditing. Martin has spent many years in the construction industry, working with companies as varied as Rolls Royce, Kaizen, Virgin, H&M, Robert Wiseman, and Karndean flooring.

Martin says, “Last year I took my NEBOSH Construction Certificate and I am delighted to be using my wide background of skills within the new challenge of Consultancy”.