New product round-up for the transport industry

Here is a quick round-up of some of the new and innovative products we have heard about in the last couple of months which could help the transport sector. 

Please note: this is NOT a recommendation or product endorsement. This is just to bring these products to the attention of a wider audience. 

Online Transport Manager's CPC launched by NTP

This product costs £750 and was recently launched by NTP; it is a genuine online course not just a home study pack.

Lifelite: LED lighting to help protect Vulnerable Road Users

The Lifelite is a LED lighting activated by an indicator down the side of a trailer to alert vulnerable road users that a vehicle is preparing to turn. If you're involved with urban driving this may well be of specific interest.

The patented Lifelite design comprises of LED strip-lighting housed in a transparent protective casing that, when attached to the side/rear of a vehicle allows the activation of the vehicles indicator light to be extended along the length of the vehicle, this has the benefit of both alerting any other road user to the danger of the manoeuvering vehicle and illuminating the road user, reducing blind spot risk.

Kick Stops: Cargo Restraint device for enclosed trailers

KICK STOPS™ cargo restraint device works to secure your pallets inside your container by road, by sea or by rail. Its design is rugged and easy-to-use. Simply place the device next to the pallet you need secured, ensuring the teeth are facing the floor and the pallet, then kick and step into place. To fully restrain the movement of the pallet in both directions, use a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th KICK STOPS™ cargo restraint device along the adjoining/opposite sides and repeat the process. Once both are installed, the pallet will no longer slide in either direction, - the manufacturers state that this will keep your cargo safe and minimise damage.  There is a video demonstrating how this works here. NB this is not suitable for all load types and does not enclose the pallet but is new to the UK market and may be suitable for certain clients.