Labyrinth provides audit & systems support for DVSA’s Earned Recognition Pilot


Labyrinth is delighted to announce that it has been selected as one of the pilot auditors for the DVSA’s trial of the Earned Recognition concept. Labyrinth is actively encouraging clients and contacts to get in touch to find out more about the ER pilot, what the benefits are and how they can become involved. In addition, Labyrinth is keen to provide dashboard support for companies working with more than one maintenance software provider.

Please contact Ruth for more information.


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Labyrinth's ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Policy and QMS Update

Labyrinth Logistics Consulting Ltd has obtained certification ISO 9001:2015 with the help of our established partners, Risk Evolves

A copy of our Quality Management System Policy Statement is shown below and will be kept up to date. 

Labyrinth passed its Stage 2 audit with flying colours. 



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Earned Recognition News: Labyrinth secures major DfT grant

    Labyrinth secures major DfT grant to enhance Earned Recognition offering

Labyrinth Logistics Consulting is delighted to have won a £25k Grant from the Department for Transport (DfT) as part of the T-TRIG grant award for Transport Innovation projects.  Labyrinth is using these funds to establish the feasibility of a multi user compliance dashboard that all hauliers can access to provide compliance information demonstrating their company’s status against the DVSA’s Earned Recognition (ER) targets. Details of the award can be found here:

Labyrinth’s MD, Ruth Waring FCILT said “We are thrilled to have secured this funding, which will make a big difference to our ability to deliver benefits to our existing client base and beyond. By publishing the results of this study we will be helping hauliers big and small reap the benefits of being early adopters of ER in 2017.” Waring added that Labyrinth is keen to hear from companies interested in becoming early adopters of the ER scheme, as well as software providers looking to link to the dashboard.

The DVSA Earned Recognition scheme, expected to launch in early 2017, has the potential to transform the compliance environment for transport operators, encouraging them to embed quality compliance into their day to day business by reducing the burden of inspections for operators who obey the rules.  For the industry and Regulator to realise the full benefits that this change of approach can deliver, the systems and interfaces that will enable evidence to be visible and transparent are a vital part of the picture.

Labyrinth is using the DfT grant to develop a prototype dashboard within Labyrinth’s transport compliance web application, SilkThread®, to prove the concept of information moving seamlessly between tacho and maintenance compliance systems and a Red/Yellow/Amber/Green display facility, that will demonstrate the company’s status against the ER targets and generate automated compliance status emails for the DVSA.

Labyrinth is currently establishing the technical and commercial feasibility of developing a multi-user dashboard populated by Application Programmable Interfaces (APIs) for ALL hauliers to be able to access so that they can make use of the ER scheme and provide senior managers with a single compliance dashboard. This has benefits for hauliers as it enables the compliant operator to demonstrate this to then DVSA and, in return, to be “left alone”, and major benefits for the DVSA as they will attract more ER users, enabling them to direct scarce resource at the serially non-compliant.

Using published open access APIs to integrate between specialist systems is established practice in many industries, including finance, e-commerce, project management and sales; however this approach is still being established in the fleet management, compliance and transport industries.

Labyrinth is in a unique position to work with the all stakeholders to deliver this dashboard functionality within their existing O Licence compliance software, SilkThread®. SilkThread is an online self-audit system and is a currently short-listed in the 2016 CILT Awards for Excellence in the Information Management Category.

Labyrinth would appreciate operator input through this survey:




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